December 12th to the 23rd


The 12 days of Christmas

26 gifts to change the way you create your life.

Almost no one knows that choice is the place where you choose for yourself and make the world a better place.

Have you asked yourself if you are different than the rest of the world?

Acknowledge the gift you are and that by choosing, you can create everything you have been asking for.

What gift are you that you have not yet acknowledged?

What gifts do you already have that you have not begun to create with?

What if with gratitude and choice you can create anything?

Choice is the activator of all gifts,

Are you ready to be choice?

Join us on this 12 day journey before Christmas, We will dive into the different aspects of your life, wishes, yearnings and needs, that you have not considered, and are just a choice away.

26 International Access Consciousness® Facilitators that will gift us their deepest secrets to reach success, while creating with choice, Are you ready to have everything that is available for you in 2022?


All the gifts from 26 international faciltiators


The power you have when you play with the gift of choice


The gift you are and all the greatness that you can create in 2022


12 days before Christmas:

Daily gifts from Access Consciousness® Facilitators

Inifnite tools that you can start practicing right away

Questions that you can use to create everything you desire

Translation to English and Spanish

Joy, celebration, ease and CHOICE!
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Access Consciousness® Facilitators invited to "The Gift of CHOICE"

Dr. Anthony Mattis

Elena Blanco

Dr. Lisa Cooney

Nadja Ogrinc

Christel Crawford

Elma Galván

Mariano Godoy

Naomih Irene

Claudia Cano

Eréndira Velázquez

Marylin Bradford

Paula Gil

Sarah Grandinetti

Danovan Correa

Fernando Diego

Matt Bochsler

Rachel Silber

Sylvia Puentes

David Kubes

Jessie Pineda

Mauricio Rondelli

Dr. Ricardo Ramírez

Diva Diaz

Karla Mánica

Moira Bramley

Robson Sereno

And if you want more:

You can have these 26 calls forever and the "5 keys for 2022"


"5 KEYS FOR 2022"

5 incredible live videocalls where you can interact with these great Access Consciousness® Facilitators:

Daniela Correa

I'll have it all
December 27th
2:00pm CDMX
21:00Hrs Esp

Christopher Hughes

Marketing your Life
December 28th
4:00pm CDMX
23:00Hrs Esp

Manfred Zepeda

The Light Crew: Who cares if your team doesn't have a body?
December 29th
1:00pm CDMX
20:00Hrs Esp

Emily Russell

Energy Shopping 2022
December 29th
3:00pm CDMX
22:00Hrs ESP

Kalpana Raghuraman

Elegant Body
December 30th
1:00pm CDMX
20:00Hrs Esp


The joy of being alive, the joy of being able to choose what your 2022 will be!

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From December 12th to the 23rd

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  • Translation to English and Spanish

26 Calls + "5 Keys for 2022"

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  • Suprise Closing Guest (to be announced)
  • Live access to the "5 keys to 2022" + recordings
  • Translation to English and Spanish

The GIFT of CHOICE is a co-production of:


Iliana Piana

Jessie Pineda, CF

Matt Bochsler, CFMW

& Expansión Exponencial

Arlette Quintero

Eréndira Velázquez, CF

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