Friday December 10th

Opening session LIVE

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Daily gifts

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Day 01

Sunday December 12th

Dr. Anthony Mattis

Bodies and relationships

Day 02

Monday December 13th

Nadja Ogrinc


Day 03

Tuesday December 14th

Moira Bramley


Day 04

Wednesday December 15th

Fernando Diego

Living on Planet Earth

Jessie Pineda


Marylin Bradford

Addiction & mental health

Day 05

Thursday December 16th

Claudia Cano


Day 06

Friday December 17th

Sarah Grandinetti

Family and parenthood

Elena Blanco

Conflict and peace

Day 07

Saturday December 18th

Diva Diaz

Choosing beyond this reality

Day 08

Sunday December 19th

Matt Bochsler

Your body and you

Paula Gil


Day 09

Monday December 20th

Naomih Irene


Day 10

Tuesday December 21st

Day 11

Wednesday December 22nd

Elma Galván

Open yourself to the possibilities of receiving

Day 12

Thursday December 23rd

Dr. Lisa Cooney

The gift of touch

Sylvia Puentes

Ask and receive

Monday January 3rd

Suprise Closing Guest

(to be announced)

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You can have these 26 calls forever and the "5 keys for 2022"


"5 KEYS FOR 2022"

5 incredible live videocalls where you can interact with these great Access Consciousness® Facilitators:

Daniela Correa

I'll have it all
December 27th
2:00pm CDMX
21:00Hrs Esp

Christopher Hughes

Marketing your Life
December 28th
4:00pm CDMX
23:00Hrs Esp

Manfred Zepeda

The Light Crew: Who cares if your team doesn't have a body?
December 29th
1:00pm CDMX
20:00Hrs Esp

Emily Russell

Energy Shopping 2022
December 29th
3:00pm CDMX
22:00Hrs ESP

Kalpana Raghuraman

Elegant Body
December 30th
1:00pm CDMX
20:00Hrs Esp

The joy of being alive, the joy of being able to choose what your 2022 will be!

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