You can have these 26 calls forever and the "5 keys for 2022"


Moira Bramley


Available December 14th from 10:00am CDMX · 1:00pm Arg · 17:00Hrs Esp

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Moira Bramley is a wealth coach, savvy investor and certified facilitator for Access Consciousness. She has several product companies and is a shareholder in Castello di Casalborgone in Italy.

Moira combines kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit with pushing the boundaries of possibility, for herself and for her clients.

Moira grew up in poverty with an alcoholic father. Despite having difficulty with school, she made the choice to have a very different life and began her first business buying and selling second hand furniture at 19, after moving to London with her husband-to-be.

She trained to be an interior designer then a psychotherapist, and realised that accessing consciousness was way more effective than fixing problems. Together with her ex-husband they built highly successful businesses and had two sons, living in Scotland, England and Australia.

Since turning 50 Moira has lived independently in Spain and Italy. She speaks English, Italian, and energy.

Her intensity of curiosity becons more in her clases and lifestyle as a catalyst.

What if you could be so curious about what else is possible in your life?

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You can have these 26 calls forever and the "5 keys for 2022"


"5 KEYS FOR 2022"

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The joy of being alive, the joy of being able to choose what your 2022 will be!

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